dcron - dillon's lightweight cron daemon

This is a continuation of Matt Dillon's beautifully minimalist dcron. At first I had written a fork (yacron), but Matt has handed over maintainership of the main dcron branch, so all of yacron was merged into dcron 4.0.

The biggest changes in v4.0 are syslogging and a variety of anacron-like features. If you use this version of dcron, you shouldn't have any further need for anacron.

More specifically, dcron can now:

The current version is: dcron-4.5.tar.gz, released 1-May-2011.

See the README | crond manpage | crontab manpage | CHANGELOG | git repository.

See the arch forum announcement thread | dcron package in arch repos | dcron-git package at aur | arch bugtracker for "cron".

(But please report any issues to the bug tracker at dcron's github site, not to Arch.)