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Philosophy 257

Behavior and Other Minds

Asst. Prof James Pryor
Dept. of Philosophy

I offered Phil 257 in Spring 1998; this web site refers to that version of the course.

- James Pryor


  1. Introduction

  2. The Argument from Analogy

  3. Austin and Relevant Alternatives

  4. Malcolm, Criteria, and Some Critics

  5. Strawson's Appeal to Criteria

  6. Dummett's Appeal to Criteria

  7. Shoemaker

  8. Action Theory

Course Description

An examination of the nature and epistemological significance of intentional behavior. We will be concerned primarily with the epistemology of other minds; but we will also consider the differences between actions and mere bodily movements, and the relations between reasons-explanations of behavior and psychological explanations of behavior.

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